Launcher Stuck on Initializing?

If you’re experiencing this stupid patch bug like me here’s the fix:

After spending a lot of time attempting to get the patch installed (Spent 6 hours on Initializing please wait) and waiting hours for replies on blizzards forums (None of which seamed to work) I did some research myself and found a site that has very good instructions to manually install the patch file. I provided a link below hope it helps you guys just did it on my PC works great (after I did the update I just ran wow directly bypassing the launcher

Here is the update I did that worked.
Step 1 – Go to:
Step 2 – Download the top one (wow-0-14545-Win-final.MPQ – Windows )
Step 3 – Rename wow-0-14545-Win-final.MPQ TO wow-patch.MPQ
Step 4 – Copy wow-patch.MPQ (File we just renamed) to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft
Step 5 – In the World of Warcraft folder, Run Blizzard Updater and it should update.
Step 6 – Run wow.exe from the World of Warcraft folder (Didn’t try it with launcher).

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